MWF PUG Business keep your items real cool in a storage unit

keep your items real cool in a storage unit

Out of sight, out of mind is one of the benefits of putting your possessions into a self-storage unit. But to really put your mind at ease, you want to be sure that your items are stored safely and securely to minimize any risk of damage or theft. Louise Gaerdes, a Site Manager at Apple Self-Storage, shares some valuable tips on how to determine if a storage-unit facility is safe and suitable, along with the best way to protect the contents of your unit.

20 Tips to Avoid any Issue in a Storage Unit Facility:

To avoid any big issue in your storage unit you must know these tips before you start storing your belongings into a storage unit.

  1. Clean and Dry Items Before Storing Them. Dirt can damage items by scratching them or leaving a stubborn film.
  2. Pack Desiccators in Your Storage Containers.
  3. Choose Your Boxes Carefully.
  4. Keep Airflow in Mind When Setting Up the Storage Unit.
  5. Make a DIY Dehumidifier.
    keep your items real cool in a storage unit
  6. Opt for Climate-Controlled Storage.
  7. Purchase the best lock you can afford.
  8. Know what not to put in your storage unit.
  9. Keep a current inventory of items.
  10. Opt for indoor storage for extra protection.
  11. Don’t give anyone your access code or key.
  12. Put down a skid or pallet to keep your items from sitting directly on the floor.
  13. Always cover your items with cloth covers or wrap them in heavy duty plastic to protect from dust and bugs.
  14. Place valuable items in the back of your unit so they’re hidden from would-be thieves.
  15. Select boxes that are all roughly the same size for ease of stacking.
  16. Don’t leave a lot of empty space in your boxes – pack them until they’re full so they don’t collapse when stacked.
  17. Don’t stack your boxes too high – if they’re up to the ceiling they’re hard to access and more likely to fall, resulting in damaged items.
  18. Place shelving units in your storage unit and use them to organize and stack your boxes.
  19. Don’t load up too many things on top of pieces of furniture.
  20. Go to your unit regularly and check on your items.
  21. Read the terms and conditions of the storage unit for better result.

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